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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 I-Yeong Korean Flower F
2 Ia Greek Spring Flower F

3 Iael Biblical Form of Jael F
4 Iaela Rumanian Rumanian from of Jael F
5 Iaera Latin A nymph. F
6 Iahel Latin Form of Jael F
7 Iaita Italian Variant of Jaita F
8 Iaju NativeAmerican Unknown F
9 Iakovine Greek Greek form of Jacobine F
10 Iakovoula Greek Feminine diminutive of Iakovos F
11 Iamar Arabic Moon. F
12 Iana Hawaiian Hawaiian Form of Lan F
13 Ianira Italian Variant of Ianneira F

14 Ianna Greek Alternate transcription of Greek Gianna F
15 Iansina NativeAmerican Form of Jensina F
16 Iantha Greek Flower. F
17 Ianthe Greek Variant of Iolanthe: Violet flower. F
18 Ianthe African Flower of purple color F
19 Ianthina Greek Flower. F
20 Iarnvidia Norse She Of Lron-Wood F
21 Iarsilartek NativeAmerican Unknown F
22 Iasius Greek Mother of Atalanta. F
23 Iasmina Rumanian Rumanian from of Jasmine F
24 Iasmine Greek Greek form of Jasmine F
25 Iazua Spanish Unknown F
26 Ib Spanish Beautiful. Diminutive of Isabel: Devoted to God. A Spanish variant of Elizabeth. F
27 Iballa Spanish Lover F
28 Ibara Japanese Thorn F
29 Ibba Swedish Younger form of Ybba F
30 Ibbie Spanish Beautiful. Diminutive of Isabel: Devoted to God. A Spanish variant of Elizabeth. F
31 Ibbie African Promise of God F
32 Ibbot Celtic Medieval Occitan form of Isabel F
33 Ibby Spanish Beautiful. Diminutive of Isabel: Devoted to God. A Spanish variant of Elizabeth. F
34 Ibdita Sanskrit Datha F
35 Ibehaybi Indian My Talkative Daughter F
36 Ibelei Indian My Flowerlike Daughter F
37 Ibemani Indian My Jewel F
38 Ibemhal Indian First F
39 Ibemnungshi Indian My Love-Giving or Joy-Giving Daughter F
40 Iben Danish Ebony F
41 Ibernia Irish From Ireland. F
42 Ibeyaima Indian Middle F
43 Ibis Italian Variant of Ibis F
44 Iblis ArthurianLegend Wife of Lancelot. F
45 Ibolya Hungarian Violet. F
46 Ibolya Latin Flower. F
47 Ibomacha Indian Dear Small One F
48 Ibonungsi Indian Dear Loving One F
49 Ibot Celtic Medieval Occitan Form of Isabel F
50 Iboya Dutch Allegedly derived from Hungarian Ibolya F
51 Ibri Biblical Passing over; being angry; being with young F
52 Ibtehaj Muslim Variant of Ibtihaj: Joy. Delight.. F
53 Ibtesam Muslim Smile.. F
54 Ibtihaj Muslim Joy. Delight.. F
55 IBTISAM Arabic smile in Arabic F
56 Ibu Japanese Dance F
57 Ibuki Japanese Ordinary, Usual F
58 Ica Greek Light. F
59 Ica Hungarian Light. F
60 Ica Rumanian Short from of F
61 Icaria Italian Feminine form of Icaro F
62 Icek Yiddish Russified Yiddish form of Isaac F
63 Icela Spanish Variant of Isela F
64 Ichi Japanese Young, Immature, Childhood F
65 Ichigo Japanese Safeguard, Protect F
66 Ichiha Japanese Leaf F
67 Ichihana Japanese Flower F
68 Ichihime Japanese Princess F
69 Ichika Japanese Colour F
70 Ichiki Japanese Princess F
71 Ichiko Japanese First Born F
72 Ichimi Japanese Beautiful F
73 Ichine Japanese Sound F
74 Ichiniko Japanese Child F
75 Ichirin Japanese Ring, Link F
76 Icilia Italian Feminine form of Icilio F
77 Icke German Icke is a nickname for people from Berlin alluding to the Berlin dialekt word Icke F
78 Ico Spanish Paleness F
79 Icuta Rumanian Diminutive of Ica F
80 Ida German Work, Labour F
81 Ida English Diligent. A Greek mythological nymph who cared for the infant Zeus on Mt. Ida. F
82 Ida Greek Name of a mountain. F
83 Ida Irish Thirsty. F
84 Ida Latin A nymph. F
85 Ida Teutonic Work. F
86 Ida Swedish labour F
87 Ida Italian Both a borrowing of the Italian name and a short form of Vitalia F
88 Ida Polish Work, Labour F
89 Ida Sanskrit Earth, Heaven, Refreshment, Food F
90 Ida Celtic Anglicized Form of Ide F
91 Ida Danish Work, Labour F
92 Ida Dutch Work, Labour F
93 Ida Indian Speech, Goddess of Speech F
94 Idabel Spanish Contraction of Ida F
95 Idabet Spanish Combination of Ida F
96 Idaia German Active. F
97 Idaja Polish Polish form of Idaea F
98 Idalah Biblical The hand of slander, or of cursing. F
99 Idali Swedish As a Short form of Idalia F
100 Idalia Greek Behold the sun. F
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