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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Y-Dia-El Biblical Variant Transcription of Jediael M
2 Ya'qoob Muslim Variant of Ya'qub: The Biblical Jacob is the English language equivalent.. M

3 Ya'qub Muslim The Biblical Jacob is the English language equivalent.. M
4 Ya-Jiang Chinese Combination of Ya And Jiang M
5 Ya-Rah Biblical Form of Jarah M
6 Yaakov Hebrew Held by the heel. M
7 Yaakov Biblical Form of Jacob M
8 Yaalon African He will rise up M
9 Yaameen Muslim Variant of Yamin: Towards right.. M
10 Yaangba Indian Fast, Speedy M
11 Yaaseen Muslim Variant of Yasin: Sura in Ou'ran. Name of Prophet Muhammad.. M
12 Yaashk Hindu Exerting M
13 Yaashvan Hindu Winner M

14 Yaasir Muslim Variant of Yasir: Wealthy. Towards left. Easy.. M
15 Yaatiesh Hindu Lord of devotees M
16 Yaawar Muslim Variant of Yawar: Adjutant. Aid-de camp.. M
17 Yaboo English An Afghan Pony Used as a Beast of Burden M
18 Yachal Biblical Hope M
19 Yachel African To start or to commence M
20 Yachin Biblical Form of Jachin M
21 Yachleel Biblical Form of Jahzeel M
22 Yachtzeel Biblical Form of Jahzeel M
23 Yacko African-American Possible Variant of Yaco M
24 Yaco Spanish Diminutive of Jacobo M
25 Yacoub Arabic Arabic form of Jacob. M
26 YACOUB Arabic To be rich derived from Arabic M
27 Yadaspati Hindu Lord Varuna, Lord of Marine Animals M
28 Yadavaprakasa Hindu Lord Krishna M
29 Yadavendra Hindu Leader of the Yadavas M
30 Yadavesvara Hindu Lord Krishna M
31 Yader Spanish Unknown M
32 Yadhav Hindu A variation of Yadav, meaning descendant of Yadu. M
33 Yadhavan Hindu One of the names of Lord Krishna M
34 Yadiel Spanish Spanish variant of Jehudiel M
35 Yadier Spanish Unknown M
36 Yadnyesh Hindu Lord M
37 Yadon Biblical Form of Jadon M
38 Yadunandan Hindu Son of Yadu. A name of Lord Krishna M
39 Yaduraj Hindu Lord Krishna M
40 Yaduvir Hindu Lord Krishna M
41 Yaegar African Hunter M
42 Yael Israeli God's strength. M
43 Yael French Possibly a French variant of Yale M
44 Yafeu Egyptian Bold. M
45 Yageendra Hindu a sage M
46 Yaghoub Persian Persian form of Jacob M
47 Yagil Hebrew He will rejoice. M
48 Yagiz Turkish Brown, Chestnut M
49 Yagmur Turkish Rain M
50 Yago Hebrew Supplanter. M
51 Yago Spanish Supplanter. M
52 Yago Japanese Universally M
53 Yaha NativeAmerican Unknown M
54 Yahir Spanish Unknown M
55 Yahiro Japanese Night M
56 Yahiya Turkish Variant or feminine form of Yahya M
57 Yahiya Indian Variant or Feminine Form of Yahya M
58 Yahn French Variant of Jan M
59 Yahoel Biblical Alternate form of Jehoel M
60 Yahto NativeAmerican Blue (Sioux). M
61 Yahya Egyptian Given by God. M
62 Yahya Muslim The Biblical John is the English language equivalent. A Prophet's name.. M
63 Yahya Persian Arabic, Turkish and Persian Form of John M
64 Yahyaa Muslim Variant of Yahya: The Biblical John is the English language equivalent. A Prophet's name.. M
65 Yai Thai Big, Large M
66 Yai Indian Humble M
67 Yaibikon Indian Unknown M
68 Yaihenba Indian Humble M
69 Yaiphaba Indian Very Lucky M
70 Yair Hebrew Enlighten. M
71 Yair Spanish Hebrew form of Jair M
72 Yair Biblical Form of Jair M
73 Yaj Hindu Worshipper M
74 Yajas Hindu Fame M
75 Yajat Hindu One of the many names of Lord Shiva M
76 Yajnadhar Hindu A name of Lord Vishnu M
77 Yajnarup Hindu A name of Lord Krishna M
78 Yajnesh Hindu lord vishnu M
79 Yakim Russian Russian form of Joachim M
80 Yakob Celtic Cornish Form of Jacob M
81 Yakoob Indian Variant Transcription of Yaqub M
82 Yakov Hebrew Supplanter. M
83 Yakov Russian Supplanter. Variant of Jacob. M
84 Yakov African Following after M
85 Yaksh Hindu Representative of God, a demi God M
86 Yakup Turkish Turkish form of Jacob M
87 Yakym Ukrainian Ukrainian form of Yakim M
88 Yakyuu Japanese Pigeon, Dove M
89 Yalcin Turkish Steep M
90 Yaldabaoth Hebrew False God M
91 Yale English From the slope land. M
92 Yale Welsh Heights; upland. M
93 Yale African From the slopes M
94 Yale Welsh Fertile Upland M
95 Yale Celtic Fertile Upland M
96 Yali Chinese Combination of Ya And Li M
97 Yalian Chinese Combination of Ya And Lien M
98 Yalien Chinese Combination of Ya And Lien M
99 Yalim Turkish Sharp Edge Of A Blade M
100 Yalin Chinese Combination of Ya And Lin M
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