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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Xabat Spanish Savior. M
2 Xabi Basque Basque diminutive of Xavier M

3 Xabier Basque Basque and Galician form of Xavier M
4 Xacatur Armenian Variant of Khacatur M
5 Xacik Armenian Diminutive of Xacatur M
6 Xaco Armenian Diminutive of Xacatur M
7 Xalbador Spanish Savior. M
8 Xale Portuguese Shawl M
9 Xalvador Spanish Savior. M
10 Xanatos Greek Variant of Thanatos M
11 Xande Portuguese Portuguese diminutive of Alexandre M
12 Xander African Defender of man M
13 Xander Dutch Short form of Alexander M

14 Xandi German Diminutive of Alexander M
15 Xandinho Portuguese Portuguese diminutive of Alexandre M
16 Xando Portuguese Variant of Xande M
17 Xandro Portuguese Diminutive of Alexander M
18 Xanh Vietnamese green M
19 Xano Portuguese Hypocoristic of Alexandre M
20 Xanthippe French French form of Xanthippos M
21 Xanthus Greek A river god. M
22 Xanthus Latin A river god. M
23 Xanti Basque Named for Saint James. M
24 Xantipo Portuguese Portuguese form of Xantippus M
25 Xanto Italian Italian form of Xanthus M
26 Xantus African-American Maybe Derived From The Originally Hungarian Surname Xantus M
27 Xarles French Manly. M
28 Xaver Hungarian Hungarian form of Xavier M
29 Xaver German German form of Xavier M
30 Xaveriu Rumanian Rumanian from of Xavier M
31 Xaverius Dutch Latinized form of Xavier M
32 Xavian African-American Derived From The Name Xavier M
33 Xaviel Spanish This name is possibly a combination of Xavier M
34 Xaviel Dutch Dutch form of Xaviel M
35 Xavien African-American Variant of Xavian M
36 Xavier Arabic Bright; splendid. See also Javier. M
37 Xavier Basque Owns a new house. M
38 Xavier Spanish Owns a new house. M
39 Xavier African New home M
40 Xavier Portuguese The New House M
41 Xavier Spanish The New House M
42 Xavier French The New House M
43 Xaviour Indian Variant of Xavier M
44 Xavius Dutch Contracted form of Xaverius M
45 Xawery Polish Variant of Ksawery M
46 Xayad-Virah Indian Victorious Over Enemies M
47 Xco Armenian Diminutive of Xacatur M
48 Xd English Symbolize Dying From Laughter M
49 Xemnas Japanese Variant of Xenos M
50 Xenius Greek Masculine Form of Xenia M
51 Xeno Greek Strange voice. M
52 Xenocrate French French form of Xenocrates M
53 Xenocrates Portuguese Portuguese form of Xenocraes M
54 Xenofanes Portuguese Galician and Portuguese form of Xenophanes M
55 Xenofon Greek Modern Greek form of Xenophon M
56 Xenofonte Portuguese Galician and Portuguese form of Xenophon M
57 Xenon Spanish Variant of Cenon: Receiver of life from Zeus. M
58 Xenon African Foreign person or stranger M
59 Xenophane French French form of Xenophanes M
60 Xenophanes African Looking foreign or strange M
61 Xenophon Greek Strange voice. M
62 Xenophon African Foreign language or tongue M
63 Xenophon French French form of Xenophon M
64 Xenos Greek Stranger, Foreigner M
65 Xenres Persian Prince. M
66 Xerach Spanish Bad Omens M
67 Xeron English New Castle/ House of Rule M
68 Xerxes Persian Ruler of a kingdom M
69 Xerxes Greek Leaving. M
70 Xerxes African King of heroes M
71 Xerxesz Hungarian Hungarian form of Xerxes M
72 Xever Spanish Owns a new house. M
73 Xhiva Hindu Assamese version of Lord Shiva. It means benign M
74 Xhuuyaa NativeAmerican Raven M
75 Xi Chinese Happiness M
76 Xiafan Chinese Mist, Haze, Rosy Clouds M
77 Xialan Chinese Combination of Xia M
78 Xian Chinese String, Chord M
79 Xiana Chinese Combination of Xia And Na M
80 Xiang African Good luck M
81 Xiangcao Chinese Grass, Straw M
82 Xianghong Chinese Soar, Glide M
83 Xiao Chinese Dawn; Daybreak M
84 Xiaobai Chinese White M
85 Xiaobo Chinese Roar, Bark, Howl M
86 Xiaochun Chinese Dawn, Baybreak, Know M
87 Xiaodong Chinese Dawn, Daybreak, Know, Understand M
88 Xiaofang Chinese Beautiful M
89 Xiaofei Chinese Fragrant, Luxurious, Lush M
90 Xiaofeng Chinese Small M
91 Xiaogu Chinese Dawn, Daybreak M
92 Xiaoguang Chinese Smile, Laugh, Bloom M
93 Xiaohong Chinese Dawn, Daybreak, Know, Understand M
94 Xiaohua Chinese Filial Piety, Obedience M
95 Xiaohui Chinese Dawn, Daybreak, Know M
96 Xiaojian Chinese Small, Little M
97 Xiaojie Chinese Dawn, Daybreak, Know M
98 Xiaojing Chinese Dawn, Daybreak, Know M
99 Xiaoju Chinese Dawn, Daybreak, Know M
100 Xiaojuan Chinese Beautiful, Graceful M
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