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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Na'eem Muslim Variant of Na'im: Happiness. Benefits.. M
2 Na'ib Muslim Delegate. Substitute.. M

3 Na'il Muslim Acquirer. Earner.. M
4 Na'im Muslim Happiness. Benefits.. M
5 Na-Harai Biblical Variant Transcription of Naharai M
6 Naa'il Muslim Variant of Na'il: Acquirer. Earner.. M
7 Naadim Muslim Variant of Nadim: Repentant. Regretful.. M
8 Naag-raaj Indian King of Serpents M
9 Naaib Muslim Variant of Na'ib: Delegate. Substitute.. M
10 NAAJI Arabic saved in Arabic. M
11 Naaji' Muslim Variant of Naji': Useful. Beneficial.. M
12 Naajy Muslim Variant of Najy: Safe.. M
13 Naal Irish Name of a saint. M

14 Naalnish NativeAmerican He works (Navajo). M
15 Naalnish NativeAmerican He Works M
16 Naalnisha NativeAmerican He Works M
17 Naalyehe-ya-sidahi NativeAmerican Trader (Navajo). M
18 Naam Biblical Fair, pleasant. M
19 Naamaaqu NativeAmerican Form Of Naimak M
20 Naaman Hebrew Pleasant. M
21 Naaman Biblical Beautiful Agreeable Delightful M
22 Naamliv Hindu Absorbed in Naam; One who meditates in name of Shiva M
23 Naarah Biblical Young person. M
24 Naari Biblical Variant Transcription of Naarai M
25 Naasah Muslim Variant of Nasah: Counselor. Advisor.. M
26 Naashaad Muslim Variant of Nashad: Unhappy. Morose.. M
27 Naashon Biblical That foretells, that conjectures. M
28 Naasi Muslim Variant of Nasi': Obvious. Evident.. M
29 Naasih Muslim Variant of Nasih: Advisor.. M
30 Naasik Muslim Variant of Nasik: Pious. Devotee.. M
31 Naasir Muslim Variant of Nasir: Supporter. Protector. Granting victory.. M
32 Naatat NativeAmerican Form of Natat M
33 Naath Indian Grandson M
34 Naathim Muslim Variant of Nathim: Arranger. Adjuster.. M
35 Naathim Hindu Arranger, Adjuster M
36 Naauao Hawaiian Daylight Mind M
37 Naavalan Hindu orator, well-versed in the arts M
38 Naayaab Muslim Variant of Nayab: Rare. Precious.. M
39 Naaz Muslim Variant of Naz: Pride. Delicacy.. M
40 Naazeer Muslim Variant of Naazir: Observant. Spectator.. M
41 Naazim Muslim Variant of Nazim: Arranger. Organizer.. M
42 Naazir Muslim Observant. Spectator.. M
43 Nab Scottish Abbot. M
44 Nabadip Indian New Light M
45 Nabadiphhh Hindu A new light M
46 Nabai Chinese Combination of The Names Na And Bai M
47 Nabajit Hindu A new winner or a new win M
48 Nabal Biblical Fool, senseless. M
49 Nabanil Hindu A new, clear blue sky M
50 Nabeel Muslim Variant of Nabil: Noble. Magnanimous.. M
51 Nabeel Indian Variant transcription of Nabil M
52 Nabeh Muslim Noble. Outstanding.. M
53 Nabh Indian Sky M
54 Nabhah Indian Variant of Nabha M
55 Nabhan Hindu Noble, Outstanding M
56 Nabhan Muslim Noble. Outstanding.. M
57 Nabhjeet Indian Winner of sky M
58 Nabhorupa Hindu form of the sky, beyond any shape, a mythical being M
59 Nabhovithi Hindu the path of the sun M
60 Nabi Persian Prophet M
61 Nabi Indian Prophet M
62 Nabi-Ulmalhamsh Arabic Prophet of war. M
63 Nabih Muslim Variant of Nabeh: Noble. Outstanding.. M
64 Nabil Arabic Noble. M
65 Nabil Muslim Noble. Magnanimous.. M
66 NABIL Arabic noble in Arabic M
67 Naboth Biblical Words, prophecies. M
68 Nabuchodonosor Latin Latin form of Nebuchadnezzar M
69 Nabuchodonozor Polish Polish form of Nebuchadnezzar M
70 Nacek Czech Diminutive of Ignac M
71 Nachito Spanish Diminutive of Ignacio M
72 Nachman Hebrew Comforter, Consoler M
73 Nacho Spanish Diminutive of Ingacio M
74 Nachon Biblical Ready, sure. M
75 Nachor Biblical Hoarse, dry, hot. M
76 Nachrai Biblical Variant Transcription of Naharai M
77 Nachshon Hebrew Diviner M
78 Nachshon Biblical Serpent, Snake M
79 Nachton Scottish Pure. M
80 Nachum Biblical Form of Nahum M
81 Naci Turkish Turkish form of Naaji M
82 Nacio Spanish Short form of Ignacio M
83 Naco Spanish Diminutive of Ignacio M
84 Nacoma NativeAmerican Lovable M
85 Nad Sanskrit Thunderer M
86 Nad Indian Bellower M
87 Nadab Latin Generous M
88 Nadab Biblical Generous M
89 Nadal Hindu of a river, fortunate M
90 Nadan Sanskrit Sounding, Roaring M
91 Nadan Indian Sounding, Roaring M
92 Nadare Japanese Avalanche M
93 Nadav Hebrew Gives. M
94 Nadav Biblical Hebrew Form of Nadab M
95 Naddoddr Scandinavian Variant of Naddodr M
96 Nadeem Muslim Variant of Nadim: Companion. Confidant. Friend. Repentant. Regretful.. M
97 Nadeem Indian Alternate transcription of Nadim M
98 Nadhir Hindu Warner M
99 Nadim Arabic Friend. M
100 Nadim Muslim Companion. Confidant. Friend. Repentant. Regretful.. M
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