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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
4001 Kyrenius German German form of Cyrenius M
4002 Kyrese African-American A modern invented name based on Tyrese M

4003 Kyriakos Greek Greek form of Cyriacus M
4004 Kyril Celtic Lord M
4005 Kyrill German German form of Cyril M
4006 Kyrillos Greek Lordly. M
4007 Kyrillosr Greek Lordly. M
4008 Kyrilu Slavic Slavic form of Cyril M
4009 Kyrin English Variant of Kyree M
4010 Kyrinos Roman Hellenized form of Quirinus M
4011 Kyrios Greek Lord M
4012 Kyrk English Church. M
4013 Kyrk Scandinavian Church. M

4014 Kyrk Scottish Church. M
4015 Kyrksen Scandinavian Church. M
4016 Kyrksen Scottish Church. M
4017 Kyrkwode English From the church's forest. M
4018 Kyrone African-American Variant of Kyrone M
4019 Kyros Greek Master. M
4020 Kyros Czech Czech form of Cyrus M
4021 Kyros Biblical Form of Cyrus M
4022 Kyrre Swedish Younger form of Kyrri M
4023 Kyrri Scandinavian Calm Peaceful M
4024 Kyryk Ukrainian Ukrainian form of Kirykos M
4025 Kyu Korean Fortune, Health M
4026 Kyubei Japanese Variant transcription of Kyube M
4027 Kyuji Japanese Long Time M
4028 Kyung African Respected M
4029 Kyung Korean Alternate transcription of Korean Hangul Gyeon M
4030 Kyung-Eun Korean Variant transcription of Gyeong-Eun M
4031 Kyung-Tae Korean Big, Large M
4032 Kyung-Take Korean Shining, Glowing M
4033 Kyuu Japanese Long Time M
4034 Kyuuichi Japanese Baseball Pitch M
4035 kyuushi Japanese Baseball Pitch M
4036 Kyvon African-American Variant of Kevin M
4037 Kywan African God is merciful M
4038 Kywrkh Welsh Legendary son of Cleddyv. M
4039 KYY Ukrainian bat stick club or hammer M
4040 Kyynel Finnish Teardrop M
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