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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
101 Kaden Arabic Companion. M
102 Kaden African Son of Cadan M

103 KADER Arabic perfection in Arabic M
104 Kadesh Biblical Holiness. M
105 Kadesh-barnea Biblical Holiness of an inconstant son M
106 Kadhi Hindu Ocean; Sea; Vast water signifying depth and strength M
107 KadhirChelvan Hindu Youthful and Brilliant M
108 Kadhirvel Hindu Name of Lord Shanmukha M
109 Kadin Arabic Companion. M
110 Kadir Arabic Green. M
111 Kadir African Powerful M
112 Kadir Turkish Turkish form of Qadir M
113 Kadir Turkish Value M

114 Kaditula Hindu Sword; A weapon M
115 Kadmiel Biblical God of antiquity; God of rising M
116 Kadmonites Biblical Ancients; chiefs M
117 Kadmus Greek From the east. M
118 Kado Celtic Breton Younger Form of Cadoc M
119 Kadzmierz Polish Form of Casimir M
120 Kaede Japanese Maple M
121 Kaedee English Rhyming variant of Katy or Cady. M
122 Kaehu Hawaiian Sea Spray, Reddish Hair M
123 Kaek NativeAmerican Unknown M
124 Kael Gaelic Slender; fair. Form of Caelan. M
125 Kael African Thin M
126 Kaelan Gaelic Slender; fair. Form of Caelan. M
127 Kaelan African Thin M
128 Kaelin Gaelic Slender; fair. Form of Caelan. M
129 Kaemon Japanese Joyful; righthanded. Old Samurai name. M
130 Kaemon Japanese Praise, Esteem M
131 Kaeo Hawaiian Full of Knowledge M
132 Kaeru Japanese Flower M
133 Kaetan Russian Russian form of Gaetan M
134 Kaetan German Bessarbian German form of Caietanus M
135 Kaetilhofdi Scandinavian Bahuvrihi compound of Ketill M
136 Kaetill Scandinavian Sacrificial M
137 Kaetillaugr Scandinavian Masculine form of Kaetillaug M
138 Kaeto Japanese Dirch, Dark Red M
139 Kaew Thai Alternate transcription of Kaeo M
140 Kafeel Muslim Variant of Kafil: Responsible. Sponsor.. M
141 Kafele Egyptian Would die for. M
142 Kafia Thai Pheasant M
143 Kafil Muslim Responsible. Sponsor.. M
144 Kafka Czechoslovakian Bird. M
145 Kaga NativeAmerican Chronicler. M
146 Kagan Irish A thinker; fiery. Form of Hugh. M
147 Kagan African Priest M
148 Kagan Turkish King, Ruler M
149 Kage Swedish Originally a pet form of names starting with K and G such as Karl M
150 Kagekao Japanese Shadow Face M
151 Kagemori Japanese Scenery, View M
152 Kagen Irish A thinker; fiery. Form of Hugh. M
153 Kagero Japanese Scenery, View M
154 Kageya Japanese Light M
155 Kaghan Turkish Rare variant transcription of Kagan M
156 Kagome Japanese Fragrance; Incense M
157 Kagssagssuk NativeAmerican Unknown M
158 Kagura Japanese High Place M
159 Kah-Ge-Ga-Gah-Bowh NativeAmerican He Who Stands Forever M
160 Kahaan Hindu One of many names of Lord Krishna; God of Ganesha M
161 Kahale African A house M
162 Kahale Hawaiian Home M
163 Kahalin Hindu Flower; Blossom; Bloom; Develop M
164 Kahamaxeveohtahe NativeAmerican Wooden Leg M
165 Kahan Hebrew Variant of Cohen M
166 Kahari African King M
167 Kahawai African A river M
168 Kaheda Japanese Variant Transcription of Kaede M
169 Kahekili Hawaiian The Thunder M
170 Kaheleha Hawaiian A Legendary Chief From Native Hawaiian Mythology M
171 Kahemankar Hindu Name of a Manu in Jain Mythology M
172 Kaherdin ArthurianLegend Brother of Isolde. M
173 Kahiau African Extremely generous M
174 Kahiau Hawaiian From A Rarely Used Word That Refers To An Action of Giving Generously With A Heart And Not Expecting Something In Return M
175 Kahikina African The arrival M
176 Kahili African Feather standard M
177 Kahinano Hawaiian Male Pandanus Blossom M
178 Kahini Hindu Priest; Holy Person; Young M
179 Kahkewaquonaby NativeAmerican Sacred Waving Feathers M
180 Kahkewistahwa NativeAmerican He Who Flies Around M
181 Kahl African Bald or without hair M
182 Kahleil Arabic Friend. M
183 Kahlil Arabic Friend. M
184 Kahlil African Close friend M
185 Kahlil Arabic Close friend M
186 Kahlo Spanish From the surname of Frida Kahlo M
187 Kahmat Hindu Surname amongst the Konkani Saraswat Brahmins M
188 Kahn African Priest M
189 Kahoku Hawaiian The Star M
190 Kahokuokalani Hawaiian Heavenly Star M
191 Kahol Hindu Name of a Sage; An Ancient Indian Saint M
192 Kaholo African Nimble or light footed M
193 Kahoni African The kiss M
194 Kahoot Welsh Games M
195 Kahoru Japanese Add, Addition, Increase M
196 Kahristian Russian Russian form and English variant of Christian M
197 Kahua African Base or foundation M
198 Kahue Hawaiian The Gourd M
199 Kahula African Dancing M
200 Kahula Hawaiian Dance M
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