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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
2901 Hyato Japanese Sudden, Sound of the Wind M
2902 Hyatt English From the high gate. Surname. M

2903 Hyatt African High gate M
2904 Hyazinthus German German form of Hyacinthus M
2905 Hydd Welsh Deer. M
2906 Hyde English From the hide. M
2907 Hydref Welsh Means Winter M
2908 Hydref Celtic Winter M
2909 Hye Korean Bright, Intelligent M
2910 Hyeok Korean Flames M
2911 Hyeok-Jay Korean Bright, Radiant, Glowing M
2912 Hyeon-Gon Korean Worthy, Good M
2913 Hyeon-Jeong Korean Chaste, Loyal M

2914 Hyeon-Ju Korean Jewel, Pearl M
2915 Hyeon-jun Korean Virtuous, Worthy, Good M
2916 Hyeon-Jung Korean Worthy, Good M
2917 Hyeon-Seong Korean Worthy, Good M
2918 Hyeon-Seung Korean Victory; Excel M
2919 Hyeon-Sik Korean Plant, Trees M
2920 Hyeon-Su Korean Elegant, Graceful M
2921 Hyeon-U Korean Virtuous, Worthy M
2922 Hyeong-Gon Korean Smoothly, Progressing M
2923 Hyeong-Su Korean Smoothly M
2924 Hyeong-Won Japanese Fragrant, Aromatic M
2925 Hyeontak Korean Prefecture M
2926 Hygelac Anglo-Saxon Beowulf belonging to a king of the Geats. M
2927 Hygin Rumanian Polish and Rumanian from of Hyginus M
2928 Hygin Polish Polish and Romanian form of Hyginus M
2929 Hygin French French, Polish and Romanian form of Hyginus M
2930 Hyginas Lithuanian Lithuanian form of Hyginus M
2931 Hykka Cornish Variant of Hicca M
2932 Hykka Celtic Cornish Diminutive of Richard M
2933 Hylas Greek Son of Theiodamas. M
2934 Hyman Hebrew Life. M
2935 Hymen Greek God of marriage. M
2936 Hymen African Life or man M
2937 Hymeneus Biblical Nuptial; the god of marriage M
2938 Hymie Hebrew Diminutive of Hyman: Life. M
2939 Hymir Scandinavian Darkening One M
2940 Hymir Norse Darkening One M
2941 Hymy Finnish Smile M
2942 Hynek Czech Diminutive of Heinrich M
2943 Hyniek Polish Form of Heniek M
2944 Hyo-Jeong Korean Nature, Character, Personality M
2945 Hyo-Jin Korean Precious, Valuable M
2946 Hyo-Jun Korean Standard M
2947 Hyok Korean Variant Transcription of Hyeok M
2948 Hyousuke African A soldier who is very helpful M
2949 Hyousuke Japanese Helpful Soldier M
2950 Hyperion Greek A Titan. M
2951 Hyperion African One who goes over M
2952 Hyperion French French form of Hyperion M
2953 Hyperius Greek Creatures M
2954 Hypnos Greek God of sleep. M
2955 Hypolith German Bessarabian German form of Hippolytos M
2956 Hyppoliet Russian horse M
2957 Hypsee French French form of Hypseus M
2958 Hyuga Japanese Derived from place name Hyuga M
2959 Hyuk African Radiant M
2960 Hyun African Person of virtue M
2961 Hyun Korean Alternate transcription of Korean Hangul Hyeon M
2962 Hyun-Jeong Korean Combination of Hyun M
2963 Hyun-JIn Korean Variant transcription of Hyeon M
2964 Hyun-Joo Korean Alternate transcription of Korean Hangul Hyeon-Ju M
2965 Hyun-Jung Korean Alternate transcription of Korean Hangul Hyeon-Jeong M
2966 Hyun-Soo Korean Variant transcription of Hyeon-Su M
2967 Hyun-Woo Korean Alternate transcription of Korean Hangul Hyeon-U M
2968 Hyungwon Korean A Very Beautiful Man M
2969 Hywel Welsh Eminent. M
2970 Hywel Celtic Eminent M
2971 Hywyn Welsh Diminutive of Hywel M
2972 Hywyn Celtic Diminutive of Hywel M
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