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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
3101 Gwynoro Welsh White, Fair, Blessed M
3102 Gwyr Welsh Pure or from Gower. M

3103 Gwystyl Welsh Legendary son of Nwython. M
3104 Gwythyr Welsh Legendary son of Greidyawl. M
3105 Gwythyr Celtic Welsh form of Victor M
3106 Gyala Hungarian Youthful. M
3107 Gyala Latin Young. M
3108 Gyalberto Italian Italian form of Walhberct M
3109 Gyan Hindu Knowledge M
3110 Gyandev Hindu Lord of Knowledge M
3111 Gyanendra Indian Knowledge, Awareness M
3112 Gyantwachia NativeAmerican The Planter M
3113 Gyasi Egyptian Wonderful. M

3114 Gyeo-Wool Korean Variant transcription of Gyeoul M
3115 Gyeom Korean Humble, Modest M
3116 Gyeom Korean Humble, Modest M
3117 Gyeong African Respected M
3118 Gyeong Korean Scenery, View M
3119 Gyeong-Eun Korean Mercy, Charity M
3120 Gyeong-Ho Korean Respect, Honor M
3121 Gyeong-Su Korean Refined, Elegant, Graceful M
3122 Gyeoul Korean Winter M
3123 Gyes Greek A Titan. M
3124 Gyles English An English variant of the Latin name Aegidius, meaning kid or goatskin. M
3125 Gyles Gaelic Servant. M
3126 Gylfe Swedish Swedish form of Gylfi M
3127 Gylfi Scandinavian name of a mythical Swedish king M
3128 Gylfi Norse Grain Cultivator M
3129 Gylfir Scandinavian Original form of Gylfi M
3130 Gyliano Dutch Either a variant of Giuliano M
3131 Gymir Norse Father of Gerd. M
3132 Gymir Scandinavian Sea M
3133 Gyoergy Greek Farmer. M
3134 Gyoku Japanese Gems M
3135 Gyorgy Greek Farmer. M
3136 Gyrdr Scandinavian Old Norse short form of Gudifridr M
3137 Gyso German Spelling Variant of Giso M
3138 Gytautas Lithuanian To Wish M
3139 Gytis Lithuanian Short form of Gytautas M
3140 Gyu-Dam Korean Star, Sentence M
3141 Gyu-Ha Korean Great, Grand M
3142 Gyu-Hyeon Korean Good M
3143 Gyu-Jong Korean Stride of Man M
3144 Gyu-Ri Korean Smart, Intelligent M
3145 Gyula African Wearing a soft beard M
3146 Gyuri Greek Farmer. M
3147 Gyuri African Farming man M
3148 Gyurka Greek Farmer. M
3149 Gyurka Hungarian Farmer. M
3150 Gyuszi Hungarian Youthful. M
3151 Gyver English You Are Introspective M
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