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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
101 Gaeslingr Scandinavian Gosling M
102 Gaetan French Fom Gaete. M

103 Gaetan African From Gaeta M
104 Gaetan Italian Italian form of Getano M
105 Gaetano Italian From Gaete. M
106 Gaetano African From Gaeta M
107 Gaetanu Italian Variant of Gaitanu M
108 Gaetanuccio Italian Diminutive of Gaetano M
109 Gaetir Scandinavian Goat M
110 GAFAR Arabic conqueror in Arabic M
111 Gaffney Irish Calf. M
112 Gafna Hebrew Vine M
113 Gagan Indian The Sky M

114 Gagan Hindu Sky M
115 Gaganaghosa Hindu the noise of the sky, thunder M
116 Gaganamani Hindu jewel of the sky, another name of surya M
117 Gaganesvara Hindu lord of the sky, another name for garuda M
118 Gaganjot Indian Light of The Sky M
119 Gagara Russian loon M
120 Gagarr Scandinavian Barker M
121 Gagnesh Hindu Lord Shiva M
122 Gagnradr Norse Variant of Gangradr M
123 Gagu Indian Sky M
124 Gaham Biblical To Burn, Flame M
125 Gahan Hindu Refers to the person who is unable to understand M
126 Gahariet ArthurianLegend Sons of Lot. M
127 Gaheris ArthurianLegend Sons of Lot. M
128 Gahiji Egyptian Hunter. M
129 Gahmuret ArthurianLegend Percival's father. M
130 Gaibrail Celtic Irish Form of Gabriel M
131 Gaidar African To be joyful M
132 Gaiduk Russian grove M
133 Gaignu Italian Variant of Gavinu M
134 Gaihargambhir Hindu Bottomless and thoughtful M
135 Gaik Armenian Summit, Peak, Top M
136 Gail English Lively. M
137 Gaile Irish Stranger. M
138 Gailigedas Lithuanian Strong M
139 Gailimantas Lithuanian As Well As M
140 Gailiminas Lithuanian Remorseful M
141 Gaincarlo African Free man M
142 Gaine Italian Variant of Gavinu M
143 Gaines African Ingenious or clever man M
144 Gainor African Fair haired M
145 Gaio Italian Italian form of Gaius M
146 Gaios Biblical Form of Gaius M
147 Gair Gaelic Short. M
148 Gair Scottish Short. M
149 Gairbhith Gaelic Rough. M
150 Gairbith Irish Rough peace. M
151 Gais ArthurianLegend Percival's grandfather. M
152 Gaiserich German German form of Gaiseric M
153 Gait Dutch Short form of names beginning with Ger M
154 Gaitanu Italian Italian form of Gaetan M
155 Gaito Japanese Triumph, Victory M
156 Gaius Latin To rejoice. Famous bearer: Roman dictator Gaius Julius Caesar. M
157 Gaius Roman to rejoice M
158 Gaius Biblical To Rejoice M
159 Gaizka Basque Savior. M
160 Gajanad Hindu Refers to Lord Hanuman M
161 Gajanan Hindu Lord Ganapati M
162 Gajanana Hindu The one who has a face as same as an elephant M
163 Gajanand Hindu Lord Ganesh M
164 Gajapati Hindu The lord of elephants or Master Ganesha. M
165 Gajaraja Hindu The ruler of the elephants M
166 Gajasura Hindu The Lord of evils or all evil powers M
167 Gajasya Hindu The one who is in the shape of an elephant M
168 Gajeel Japanese To Bite Nibble M
169 Gajendra Hindu lord of elephants, another name for airavata M
170 Gajendranath Hindu Owner of Gajendra Lord Indra M
171 Gajnan Hindu The person who has elephant face in his human body M
172 Gajodara Hindu The person who has the belly as same as an elephant M
173 Gajpathi Hindu The king of the elephants M
174 Gajra Indian Garland of flowers. M
175 Gajraaj Hindu Lord Ganesha, one of the Gods in Hindu religion M
176 Gajrup Hindu Lord Ganesh M
177 Gaju Indian Powerful M
178 Gajula Indian Bangles M
179 Gajus Lithuanian Lithuanian form of Gaius M
180 Gajus Polish Polish Variant of Gaius M
181 Gajusz Polish Polish form of Gaius M
182 Gaku Japanese Point, Peak, Mountain M
183 Gakuto Japanese Study, Learning, Science M
184 Gakuya Japanese Mountain Peak M
185 Gal Hebrew Wave. M
186 Gal Hungarian Hungarian form of Gallis M
187 Galactoire French French form of Galactorius M
188 Galactorio Portuguese Spanish and Portuguese form of Galactorius M
189 Galactorio Spanish Spanish and Portuguese form of Galactorius M
190 Galahad ArthurianLegend Son of Lancelot. M
191 Galahad African Unclear M
192 Galahalt ArthurianLegend Name of a prince. M
193 Galahault ArthurianLegend Name of a prince. M
194 Galaktion Russian milk M
195 Galal Biblical A roll, a wheel. M
196 GALAL Arabic conqueror in Arabic M
197 Galan Anglo-Saxon Sings. M
198 Galan Greek Tranquil. For 1500 years accepted medical practices were based on the research of 2nd century physician Galen. M
199 Galan Spanish Masculine form of Gala M
200 Galantyne ArthurianLegend Gawain's sword. M
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