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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
2201 Fusu Chinese The Mountain Has Fusu Trees M
2202 Futa Turkish Turkish form of Fuda M

2203 Futao Japanese Man, Husband M
2204 Futkefu Polynesian Grass skirt. M
2205 Futoru Japanese To Grow Plump M
2206 Futoshi Japanese Fat, Thick; Daring, Shameless M
2207 Futto Japanese Wind, Style M
2208 Fuu Japanese Maple M
2209 Fuuga Japanese Elegant M
2210 Fuuki Japanese Tree; Plant M
2211 Fuuma Japanese Wind, Air, Style, Manner M
2212 Fuusuke Japanese Style, Wind M
2213 Fuuta Japanese Scour, Wash Out M

2214 Fuuya Japanese Universally M
2215 Fuuyou Japanese Vegetables, Greens M
2216 Fuwaad Muslim Variant of Fuwad: Heart.. M
2217 Fuwad Muslim Heart.. M
2218 Fuyo Japanese Variant of Fuuyou M
2219 Fuyu Japanese Winter M
2220 Fuyuhiko Japanese Boy, Prince M
2221 Fuyuki Japanese Blow, Breathe, Emit, Puff, Smoke M
2222 Fuyune Japanese Winter M
2223 Fuyuo Japanese Man, Husband M
2224 Fuyuta Japanese Thick, Big M
2225 Fuyutake Japanese Military, Martial M
2226 Fuyuto Japanese Person M
2227 Fuzi Chinese Master M
2228 Fychan Welsh Small. M
2229 Fychan Celtic Small M
2230 Fydor Teutonic Divine gift. M
2231 Fye German For Your Entertainment M
2232 Fyedka Russian Diminutive of Fyodor M
2233 Fyfe Scottish Variant of Fife M
2234 Fyffe Scottish Variant of Fife: County name in Scotland. M
2235 Fylmer English Variant of Filmore: Famed; famous. M
2236 Fylr Scandinavian Foal Young Horse M
2237 Fynbar Celtic Blond. M
2238 Fynn German German variant of Finn M
2239 Fynn African Name of a river in Ghana. M
2240 Fyodor Russian Russian form of Theodore 'gift from God'. M
2241 Fyodor African Powerful ruler of the people M
2242 Fyren Anglo-Saxon Wicked. M
2243 Fyrsil Welsh Welsh form of Virgil 'bears the staff'. M
2244 Fytch English Ermine. M
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