Popular Teutonic names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Abelard Teutonic Resolute. M
2 Abelard Teutonic Resolute M

3 Acelin Teutonic noble F
4 Ada Teutonic Happy. F
5 Adabel Teutonic Lovely or happy. F
6 Adal Teutonic Noble. F
7 Adal Teutonic Noble. M
8 Adal Teutonic Noble M
9 Adalard Teutonic Brave noble. M
10 Adalard Teutonic Brave noble M
11 Adalbert Teutonic Intelligent. M
12 Adalbert Teutonic Intelligent M
13 Adalia Teutonic Noble. F

14 Adalie Teutonic Noble. F
15 Adalina Teutonic Noble. F
16 Adaline Teutonic Noble. F
17 Adalric Teutonic Noble commander. M
18 Adalric Teutonic Noble commander M
19 Ade!a Teutonic Noble. F
20 Adel Teutonic Noble. F
21 Adel Teutonic Noble. M
22 Adel Teutonic Noble M
23 Adelard Teutonic Brave noble. M
24 Adelard Teutonic Brave noble M
25 Adelbert Teutonic Intelligent. M
26 Adelbert Teutonic Intelligent M
27 Adelicia Teutonic Noble. F
28 Adelina Teutonic Noble. F
29 Adeline Teutonic Noble. F
30 Adelric Teutonic Noble commander. M
31 Adelric Teutonic Noble commander M
32 Adhelle Teutonic Lovely or happy. F
33 Adlar Teutonic Brave noble. M
34 Adlar Teutonic Brave noble M
35 Adler Teutonic Brave noble. M
36 Adler Teutonic Brave noble M
37 Adolf Teutonic Noble wolf. M
38 Adolf Teutonic Noble wolf M
39 Adolph Teutonic Noble wolf. M
40 Adolph Teutonic Noble wolf M
41 Adolphine Teutonic Feminine form of Adolph. Noble wolf. F
42 Adolphus Teutonic Noble wolf. M
43 Adolphus Teutonic Noble wolf M
44 AdoQhina Teutonic Feminine form of Adolph. Noble wolf. F
45 Ailsa Teutonic Good humor. F
46 Aimery Teutonic industrious ruler M
47 Aimiliana Teutonic Hard working. F
48 Aimilionia Teutonic Hard working. F
49 Alajos Teutonic Famous holiness. M
50 Alajos Teutonic Famous holiness M
51 Alaois Teutonic Famous in war. M
52 Alaois Teutonic Famous in war M
53 Alard Teutonic Resolute. M
54 Alard Teutonic Resolute M
55 Alaric Teutonic Universal ruler. M
56 Alaric Teutonic Universal ruler M
57 Alarica Teutonic Universal ruler. F
58 Alaricia Teutonic Universal ruler. F
59 Alberic Teutonic Skillful ruler M
60 Albern Teutonic Noble bear. M
61 Albern Teutonic Noble bear M
62 Albert Teutonic Illustrious. M
63 Albert Teutonic Illustrious M
64 Alberta Teutonic Feminine form of Albert: intelligent or noble. F
65 Alberte Teutonic Feminine form of Albert: intelligent or noble. F
66 Albertina Teutonic Feminine form of Albert: intelligent or noble. F
67 Albertine Teutonic Feminine form of Albert: intelligent or noble. F
68 Alcuin Teutonic Noble friend. M
69 Alcuin Teutonic Noble friend M
70 Alda Teutonic Wealthy. F
71 Aldea Teutonic Wealthy. F
72 Aldo Teutonic Rich. M
73 Aldo Teutonic Rich M
74 Aldrich Teutonic Sage. M
75 Aldrich Teutonic Sage M
76 Aldridge Teutonic Sage. M
77 Aldridge Teutonic Sage M
78 Alfonsa Teutonic Eager for war. F
79 Alfonso Teutonic Eager for war. M
80 Alfonso Teutonic Eager for war M
81 Alfred Teutonic Oracle. F
82 Alfred Teutonic Supernaturally wise. M
83 Alfred Teutonic Supernaturally wise M
84 Alfreda Teutonic Oracle. F
85 Alfrieda Teutonic Oracle. F
86 Alger Teutonic Noble spear. M
87 Alger Teutonic Noble spear M
88 Algiana Teutonic Spear. F
89 Algiane Teutonic Spear. F
90 Alice Teutonic Noble humor. F
91 Alicea Teutonic Noble humor. F
92 Alicia Teutonic Noble humor. F
93 Alina Teutonic Noble. F
94 Aline Teutonic Noble. F
95 Alirick Teutonic Universal ruler. M
96 Alirick Teutonic Universal ruler M
97 Alisa Teutonic Good humor. F
98 Alison Teutonic Divine fame. F
99 Alison Teutonic Of holy fame. M
100 Alison Teutonic Of holy fame. M
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