Popular Syrian names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Aabha Syrian Shine, Glow, Sun Rays, Strength F
2 Aabia Syrian God Is My Father F

3 Aabida Syrian Devoted, Worshiper Of Allah F
4 Aabidaat Syrian Worshipers Of God F
5 Aabidah Syrian The Meaning Of The Name Aabidah Is Worshipper Of Allah F
6 Aabir Syrian Fragrance, Scent, Aroma F
7 Aabira Syrian One Who Interprets Dreams Books F
8 Aabirah Syrian Fleeting, Transitory, Ephemeral F
9 Aabis Syrian Austere, Stern F
10 Aabish Syrian Daughter of Sad Who Was A Queen F
11 Aabroo Syrian Honour, Fame, Dignity F
12 Aadab Syrian Hope, Need, Hope And Need F
13 Aadiba Syrian Polite Cultured Respect Giving F

14 Aadifa Syrian One Which We Can Proud F
15 Aadila Syrian Just, Honest, Equal, Upright,One Who Is Righteous And High In Moral F
16 Aadina Syrian Friday F
17 Aadiya Syrian Beginning, First Power F
18 Aaeedah Syrian Visiting, Returning, Reward F
19 Aaeefa Syrian Gift Of God F
20 Aaeesha Syrian Life, Vivaciousness, Living Prosperous, Youngest Wife F
21 Aaeeshah Syrian Living Prosperous, Life F
22 Aaeeza Syrian Beautiful Obedient F
23 Aaema Syrian Leader, Ruler F
24 Aaen Syrian Precious F
25 Aaera Syrian Honourable, Noble, Respectful F
26 Aaerin Syrian Enlightened F
27 Aaesha Syrian Obedient F
28 Aaeza Syrian Beautiful, Pretty, Obedient F
29 Aafa Syrian Forgiver, Pardoner, One Who Forgives F
30 Aafaaq Syrian Horizons F
31 Aafana Syrian Virtuous, Chaste, The Forgiver F
32 Aafaq Syrian Horizons,The Place Where The Earth & Sky Meet F
33 Aafeen Syrian Forgiveness F
34 Aafera Syrian Colour Of The Earth F
35 Aafia Syrian Good Health,Free From All Worried F
36 Aafida Syrian Hearts, Consciences F
37 Aafifa Syrian Knowledge F
38 Aafila Syrian Intelligent F
39 Aafina Syrian Young Doe F
40 Aafira Syrian One Who Waters A Plant For The First Time,A Person Who Gives The First Water F
41 Aafiya Syrian Good Health,One Who Is A Picture Of Perfect Health F
42 Aafiyah Syrian Healthy F
43 Aafiyana Syrian Healthy F
44 Aafra Syrian White, Colour Of Earth, Happiness F
45 Aafree Syrian Beautiful, Happiness F
46 Aafreeda Syrian Created, Produced F
47 Aafreen Syrian Brave, Acclaim, Encouragement F
48 Aafreena Syrian Enlightenment F
49 Aafrin Syrian Lucky, Happiness, Praise F
50 Aafsha Syrian The Woman Who Is Powerful And Complete F
51 Aafsheen Syrian Shine Like A Star F
52 Aafya Syrian Health; Freedom From Illness F
53 Aaghaa Syrian The Name Aaghaa Means Chief Or Leader F
54 Aahana Syrian First Rays Of The Sun F
55 Aahida Syrian Strong, Beautiful F
56 Aahila Syrian Pleasant F
57 Aahin Syrian Pure F
58 Aahira Syrian Brilliant, Dazzling F
59 Aahna Syrian Exist, Beautiful, Traditional F
60 Aahona Syrian First Ray Of Sun Morning F
61 Aaiat Syrian Verses Clue Signs F
62 Aaida Syrian Returner, Visitor Of The Sick, Visiting, Returning F
63 Aaidah Syrian Narrator Of Hadith F
64 Aaiefa Syrian Beautiful, Forgiver F
65 Aaiela Syrian Beautiful, Moonlight F
66 Aaiema Syrian Leader F
67 Aaiera Syrian Honourable, Noble, Respectful F
68 Aaifa Syrian Forgiver, Fearless F
69 Aaifah Syrian Forgiver F
70 Aaila Syrian Beautiful, Attractive And Charming, Halo Of The Moon And Figuratively It Means Beautiful, Brilliant, Like Moon F
71 Aaima Syrian One Who Leads, To Make A Subtle Gesture, Mark, Insignia, To Quote Or Reference Something, Leader, Ruler F
72 Aaiman Syrian Righteous, Door Of The Paradise F
73 Aaina Syrian Mirror, Reflection F
74 Aainaa Syrian Pure, Mirror, The Only One F
75 Aainah Syrian Reflection Mirror F
76 Aainah Syrian Reflection, Mirror F
77 Aaini Syrian Flower, Spring, The Eye F
78 Aaira Syrian Noble, Respectful, Respected, Honorable, Honourable F
79 Aairaa Syrian Honourable, Respectful F
80 Aairah Syrian Noble, Respectful F
81 Aairha Syrian Respectable F
82 Aairin Syrian Unique F
83 Aaisah Syrian Woman, Life, Also Spelt As Aisha F
84 Aaisha Syrian Lively, Womanly, Obedient F
85 Aaishah Syrian A Prosperous,Happy And Fortunate Lady F
86 Aaishah Syrian A Lively Person F
87 Aaishu Syrian Obedient, God Blessings F
88 Aaiza Syrian Respected F
89 Aaizah Syrian Radiance, The Moon, Dear One F
90 Aajisa Syrian Strong - Proud F
91 Aajmee Syrian Moon F
92 Aakiba Syrian Cute F
93 Aakifa Syrian Worship Allah In Solitude F
94 Aakifah Syrian Devoted, Dedicated, One Who Is Completely Dedicated To Allah F
95 Aakila Syrian Intelligent F
96 Aala Syrian Bounties, High Status, Greatness, Exalted, Sublime, Superb Supremacy F
97 Aalan Syrian Normal F
98 Aalasa Syrian Protected By God, Nobility F
99 Aalaya Syrian Pure F
100 Aaleah Syrian Ornament, Noble, Ascent F
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