Popular Polish names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Abdon Polish Form of Abdon M
2 Abel Polish Breath M

3 Abelard Polish Polish Form of Abelard M
4 Abelk Polish Diminutive of Abel M
5 Abercjusz Polish Polish Form of Abercius M
6 Abilio Polish Portuguese form of Avilius M
7 Abitala Polish Polish form of Abital F
8 Abraao Polish Portuguese form of Abraham M
9 Abrahamek Polish Diminutive of Abraham M
10 Abramek Polish Diminutive of Abram M
11 Absalon Polish Polish and Norwegian form of Absalom M
12 Abundancja Polish Polish form of Abundantia F
13 Abundancjusz Polish Polish form of Abundantius M

14 Achacja Polish Polish form of Acacia F
15 Achacjusz Polish Polish Form of Acacius M
16 Achacy Polish Polish Form of Acacius M
17 Ada Polish Polish form of Adah F
18 Adalberta Polish Polish and Hungarian feminine form of Adalbert F
19 Adalgiza Polish Polish form of Adalgisa F
20 Adalgunda Polish Polish form of Adalgund F
21 Adalruna Polish Polish form of Adelrune F
22 Adalryk Polish Polish Form of Adalric M
23 Adalwina Polish Feminine form of Adalwin F
24 Adam Polish To Be Red M
25 Adamek Polish Diminutive of Adam M
26 Adamus Polish Diminutive of Adam M
27 Adas Polish Diminutive of Adam M
28 Adasiek Polish Diminutive of Adam M
29 Adaukt Polish Polish Form of Adauctus M
30 Adek Polish Diminutive of Adrian M
31 Adela Polish Noble F
32 Adelajda Polish Polish form of Adelaide. Noble. F
33 Adelajda Polish Polish form of Adelaide F
34 Adelajdka Polish Diminutive of Adelajda M
35 Adelard Polish Polish Form of Adalhard M
36 Adelcia Polish Noble F
37 Adelinda Polish Cognate of Adelinde F
38 Adelka Polish Cognate of Adela F
39 Adelunia Polish Diminutive of Adela F
40 Ademar Polish Contracted form of Adalmar M
41 Adenka Polish Diminutive of Ada F
42 Adeodat Polish Form of Adeodatus M
43 Adka Polish Diminutive of Ada F
44 Adok Polish Dark. M
45 Adolf Polish Noble wolf. M
46 Adolfa Polish Feminine form of Adolf F
47 Adolfina Polish Extended form of Adolfa F
48 Adom Polish Form of Adam M
49 Adoniasz Polish Polish Form of Adonijah M
50 Adriana Polish Feminine form of Adrian F
51 Adrianka Polish Diminutive of Adriana F
52 Adrianna Polish Feminine form of Adrian F
53 Adrion Polish Form of Adrian M
54 Adula Polish Diminutive of Ada F
55 Adulka Polish Diminutive of Ada F
56 Adunia Polish Diminutive of Adrianna F
57 Adus Polish Diminutive of Adrian M
58 Adusia Polish Diminutive of Ada F
59 Adzia Polish Diminutive of Ada F
60 Aecjusz Polish Polish Form of Aetius M
61 Afrodyzja Polish Polish form of Aphrodisia F
62 Afrodyzjusz Polish Variant of Afrodyza M
63 Afrodyzy Polish Polish Form of Aphrodisios M
64 Aga Polish Diminutive of Agata M
65 Agapit Polish Form of Agapetus M
66 Agata Polish Form of Agatha F
67 Agatangel Polish Polish Form of Agathangelos M
68 Agatka Polish Polish diminutive of Agata F
69 Agaton Polish Polish and Swedish form of Agathon M
70 Agatonik Polish Polish Masculine Form of Agathonike M
71 Agatonika Polish Polish form of Aglaia F
72 Aglaja Polish Variant of Aglaia F
73 Agnellus Polish Lamb M
74 Agnes Polish Polish Form of Agnes F
75 Agnesa Polish Variant of Agnes F
76 Agneszka Polish Form of Agnes M
77 Agnetka Polish Diminutive of Agneta F
78 Agniesia Polish Diminutive of Agnieszka F
79 Agnieszka Polish Polish form of Agnes F
80 Agnys Polish Diminutive of Agnes F
81 Agnysa Polish Diminutive of Agnys F
82 Agrepina Polish Diminutive of Agrippina F
83 Agrypin Polish Polish Form of Agrippinus M
84 Agrypina Polish Polish form of Agrippina F
85 Agula Polish Diminutive of Agnes F
86 Agusia Polish Diminutive of Agata F
87 Agust Polish Form of August M
88 Agustin Polish Form of Augustine M
89 Agustina Polish Diminutive of Augustina F
90 Agustinka Polish Diminutive of Agustina F
91 Aital Polish Light M
92 Ajak Polish Polish Form of Ajax M
93 Ajgiale Polish Polish form of Aegiale F
94 Akvwilin Polish Polish Form of Aquilino M
95 Akwilina Polish Polish form of Aquilina F
96 Ala Polish Polish diminutive of Alicja F
97 Aladyn Polish Polish Form of Aladdin M
98 Alaryk Polish Polish Form of Alaric M
99 Albert Polish Noble And Bright M
100 Albertyna Polish Polish form of Albertina F
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