Popular Japanese names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 A-Hyeon Japanese Benevolent; Wise, Sensible F
2 Aa Japanese Like, Love F

3 Aa Japanese Mute M
4 Aai Japanese Sky F
5 Aasu Japanese Exist F
6 Aato Japanese Metropolis, Capital, All M
7 Aberu Japanese Transliterated form of Abel M
8 Aburiru Japanese April F
9 Acha Japanese Disappointed, Forlorn F
10 Acnologia Japanese The Black Dragon M
11 Adachi Japanese Stand F
12 Adami Japanese Beautiful F
13 Adohira Japanese Peace Within Chaos M

14 Adonana Japanese Love, Affection F
15 Adzumi Japanese Love, Affection F
16 Adzusa Japanese Variant transcription of Azusa F
17 Aeka Japanese Rely On F
18 Aeko Japanese Clothes, Dressing, Garment F
19 Aeri Japanese Second, Asia F
20 Afuru Japanese Feeling, Emotion, Sensation M
21 Agasa Japanese Bud, Sprout, Shoot F
22 Ageha Japanese Fry In Deep Fat F
23 Aguri Japanese Long Time M
24 Ahana Japanese Second, Asia M
25 Ahegao Japanese The Look On one's Face While They Are Having A Sex On Ecstasy F
26 Ahina Japanese Tomorrow F
27 Ahiru Japanese Domestic Duck F
28 Aia Japanese Love, Affection F
29 Aiai Japanese Love, Affection F
30 Aian Japanese Apricot F
31 Aibi Japanese Beautiful F
32 Aichiyo Japanese Combination of Ai and Chiyo M
33 Aichiyo Japanese Combination of Ai and Chiyo F
34 Aidoru Japanese Love, Affection F
35 Aie Japanese Favour, Benefit F
36 Aiga Japanese Second, Asia F
37 Aihei Japanese Even M
38 Aihiko Japanese Love, Affection M
39 Aihime Japanese Princess F
40 Aihito Japanese Benevolence M
41 Aiichi Japanese Love, Affection M
42 Aiichirou Japanese Love, Affection M
43 Aijin Japanese Lover M
44 Aijiro Japanese Love, Affection M
45 Aijirou Japanese Variant transcription of Aijiro M
46 Aika Japanese Flower F
47 Aiki Japanese Precious, Valuable, Honor, Esteem M
48 Aiku Japanese Long Time F
49 Aime Japanese Bud, Sprout, Shoot F
50 Aimiko Japanese Love F
51 Aimu Japanese Fond, Pleasing, Like Some F
52 Ain Japanese Sound F
53 Aine Japanese Love F
54 Aino Japanese Idea, Mind, Heart, Taste F
55 Ainosuke Japanese Love, Affection M
56 Aio Japanese Hollyhock, Althea M
57 Aio Japanese Love, Affection F
58 Aiona Japanese Vegetables, Greens F
59 Aira Japanese Lightweight Fabric F
60 Aire Japanese To Love F
61 Airen Japanese Love, Affection M
62 Airen Japanese Love, Affection F
63 Airi Japanese Love Affection With Jasmine F
64 Airin Japanese Love, Affection M
65 Airo Japanese Madder Red F
66 Airou Japanese Love, Affection M
67 Airu Japanese Blue, Green M
68 Aisa Japanese Love, Affection F
69 Aisha Japanese Star F
70 Aishi Japanese Think F
71 Aisuke Japanese Help M
72 Aita Japanese Am I The Asshole M
73 Aito Japanese Affection M
74 Aito Japanese Affection F
75 Aiwa Japanese Love, Affection F
76 Aiyo Japanese World, Society F
77 Aiza Japanese Seat F
78 Ajia Japanese Asia F
79 Aka Japanese Red F
80 Akaha Japanese Flower F
81 Akahiko Japanese Boy, Prince M
82 Akahito Japanese The name of a famous Japanese poet of the Yamato M
83 Akai Japanese Sea; Ocean M
84 Akai Japanese Clothing F
85 Akaki Japanese Greece F
86 Akako Japanese Child F
87 Akami Japanese Heart, Mind F
88 Akana Japanese Apple Tree F
89 Akane Japanese Deep Red F
90 Akaneko Japanese Child F
91 Akano Japanese Scarlet, Red F
92 Akaru Japanese Add, Addition, Increase F
93 Akashi Japanese Vermilion, Crimson M
94 Akatsuki Japanese Bright M
95 Akaya Japanese Social Person F
96 Akayo Japanese Red, Scarlet F
97 Ake Japanese Bright F
98 Akebono Japanese Faint F
99 Akeko Japanese Late In The Day F
100 Akemi Japanese Beautiful sunrise/dawn. M
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