Popular Hindu names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Aabha Hindu Glow; Splendor; Light; Brilliance; Bright and Radiant F
2 Aabharan Hindu Means Jewel F

3 Aabhas Hindu Sense or Feelings M
4 Aabhass Hindu A Variant Name Of Abhass Which Means Realization M
5 Aabhavannan Hindu Also Means Torch Bearer Who Brings Light M
6 Aabheer Hindu Means A Cow-Herd In Sanskrit M
7 Aabher Hindu Means A Cow-Herd And Is Variant Form Of Name Aabheer M
8 Aacharappan Hindu Restless Or Proactive M
9 Aacharya Hindu Means Learned Teacher M
10 Aachman Hindu Intake Of A Sip Of Water Before A Yagya Or Puja M
11 Aachuthan Hindu Lord Krishna M
12 Aad Hindu In The Beginning M
13 Aadalarasan Hindu Means Attraction M

14 Aadalarasu Hindu Means King Of Dance In Tamil M
15 Aadam Hindu Urdu, Somali, And Estonian Form Of Adam M
16 Aadarsh Hindu Means One Who Has Principles In Sanskrit M
17 Aadavan Hindu Sun M
18 Aaddhar Hindu Ground Work Of Anything M
19 Aadeep Hindu Light, A Source Of Radiance M
20 Aadesh Hindu Order, Mandate, Injunction M
21 Aadesh Hindu Means Instruction In Sanskrit M
22 Aadeshwar Hindu Aadeshwar Is A South Indian Name That Means God M
23 Aadhila Hindu Honesty F
24 Aadhira Hindu Moon M
25 Aadhira Hindu Moon, To sentimentalize and remember nostalgically F
26 Aadi Hindu Beginning M
27 Aadil Hindu Alternate Transcription Of Adil M
28 Aadinath Hindu God; Supreme Ruler Of The Universe M
29 Aadipta Hindu Bright, Intelligent M
30 Aadir Hindu Point Of Space Or Time Where Anything Beg M
31 Aadish Hindu Intelligent, Knowledgeable, Noble M
32 Aadishankar Hindu The Founder Of Adwaitha Philosophy M
33 Aadishwar Hindu Supreme God M
34 Aadit Hindu Peak, Shade, Sheltered M
35 Aaditey Hindu Refers To Being Son Of The Earth Or Son Of Mo M
36 Aaditeya Hindu Refers To Being Son Of The Earth Or Son Of Mo M
37 Aadithya Hindu The Sun, A Variant Name Is Aaditva M
38 Aaditva Hindu Variant Of Aditya, The Sun M
39 Aadiv Hindu Delicate M
40 Aadiyapadham Hindu One Who Is Very Active Or Quick M
41 Aadrik Hindu Aadrik Has Meaning Of The Rising Sun Between M
42 Aadrika Hindu Mountain F
43 Aadrita Hindu Lots of Love Gathering; adorable; Charming M
44 Aadvay Hindu Having No Like Or Equal M
45 Aadvika Hindu Unique M
46 Aadyot Hindu Praise M
47 Aagar Hindu The Word Aagra Means A Person Having Interest In Music M
48 Aagarna Hindu the word signifies the person having natural M
49 Aaghnya Hindu the name has a meaning of someone born from fire F
50 Aaghosh Hindu A Polite Asking M
51 Aaghosh Hindu A Polite Asking M
52 Aagman Hindu Arrival ; Welcome; Warmly Received M
53 Aagney Hindu Modern Transcription Of Agneya F
54 Aagney Hindu Child Of Flames; Son Of The Fire God ; A Variant Name Is Aag M
55 Aagneya Hindu Son Of Agni; Son Of The Fire ; Derivative O M
56 Aagyey Hindu Meaning Something Unexplored Or Not Discovered M
57 Aahan Hindu Symbol Of Military Power; Inflexible And Unrel M
58 Aahir Hindu Dazzling; Brilliant; To Impress Deeply M
59 Aahish Hindu Blessing Of God M
60 Aahlaad Hindu Delight; To Have Great Pleasure M
61 Aahlaadith Hindu A Variant Of Name Aahlaad Which Means Deligh M
62 Aahlad Hindu Exultancy, Hilarity, Rejoicing M
63 Aahna Hindu Exist; to live; Survive; life F
64 Aahnik Hindu Prayer; An Object Of Worship; Devote To God M
65 Aahva Hindu One Who Is Greatly Loved; Dear To Heart M
66 Aahwaanith Hindu One Who Has Been Invited M
67 Aaish Hindu God Blessings; Bestowment By God M
68 Aakaanksha Hindu Wish or desire F
69 Aakaar Hindu To Develop; A Variant Of Name Akar M
70 Aakaash Hindu Sky M
71 Aakanksh Hindu Desire, Wish M
72 Aakanksh Hindu Desire; Wish; Crave; Longing M
73 Aakar Hindu To Form, To Materialize; To Evolve; To Develop; A Var M
74 Aakarsh Hindu Attraction; Beauty; Charm; Allurement M
75 Aakarshan Hindu Beauty; Charm; Allurement M
76 Aakarshika Hindu Having attractive power F
77 Aakash Hindu The Sky M
78 Aakashdeep Hindu The Sky; Vast Like The Sky M
79 Aakav Hindu Shape M
80 Aakav Hindu Shape, To Form M
81 Aakesh Hindu Lord Of The Sky M
82 Aakesh Hindu Sky ; A Variant Of Aakash M
83 Aakil Hindu Intelligent M
84 Aakriti Hindu To Form, To Materialize M
85 Aalambi Hindu Continuer M
86 Aalap Hindu Musical Prelude M
87 Aalavandan Hindu The Writing M
88 Aalekh Hindu One Of Many Names Of Lord Shiva M
89 Aalhad Hindu Pleasure; Be Glad; Rejoice M
90 Aalok Hindu Moon M
91 Aalok Hindu Light Of God M
92 Aaloka Hindu Cry Of Victory F
93 Aaludaiperuma Hindu Explorer Of The Sea; Name In Devotion Of Lord Vishnu M
94 Aamer Hindu Alternate Transcription Of 'Aamir M
95 Aamin Hindu Grace Of God M
96 Aamish Hindu Bait, Lure, Something That Tempts M
97 Aamod Hindu Pleasure, Pleasant, Accept M
98 Aamod Hindu Pleasure, Pleasant, Accept; Be Glad; Rejoice M
99 Aan Hindu The One Having Self Respect And Self Esteem M
100 Aanal Hindu Aanal In Hindi Means Fire M
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