Popular Basque names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Aaritz Basque From Basque haritz meaning oak tree M
2 Abene Basque Pillar It is a Basque equivalent F

3 Adiran Basque From the Adriatic. M
4 Ager Basque Gatherer. M
5 Agurne Basque Greeting, Salutation F
6 Agurtzane Basque Refers to the Virgin Mary. F
7 Agurtzane Basque Greeting, Salutation F
8 Ainara Basque Variant of Enara. F
9 Aingeni Basque Messenger. M
10 Aingeru Basque Basque form of Angelus M
11 Ainhoa Basque Refers to the Virgin Mary. F
12 Aintzane Basque Glory. F
13 Aitor Basque Good fathers from Basque aita M

14 Aitziber Basque Refers to the Virgin Mary. F
15 Akil Basque From the Akil. M
16 Alaia Basque Oyful, Happy in Basque F
17 Alazne Basque Miracle. F
18 Alesander Basque Basque form of Alexander M
19 Alesandese Basque Basque feminine form of Alesander: helper of man. F
20 Alona Basque Refers to the Virgin Mary. F
21 Amaia Basque End. F
22 Amaya Basque Variant of Amaia. F
23 Amets Basque Dream in Basque M
24 Ander Basque Basque form of Andrew. M
25 Andere Basque Feminine form of Ander. F
26 Ane Basque Basque form of Anna. F
27 Anne Basque and is still used to this day F
28 Anthony Basque He adds or priceless. M
29 Antton Basque Praiseworthy. M
30 Arama Basque Refers to the Virgin Mary. F
31 Arantxa Basque Diminutive of Arantzazu F
32 Arantzazu Basque Thornbush F
33 Argi Basque Light. F
34 Argider Basque Derived from Basque argi light and eder beautiful M
35 Argine Basque Feminine form of Argi F
36 Arkaitz Basque Means rock in Basque M
37 Aroa Basque Era Age Time F
38 Arrate Basque Refers to the Virgin Mary. F
39 Arrats Basque Means afternoon dusk in Basque M
40 Arrosa Basque Rose. F
41 Asentzio Basque Ascending. M
42 Azeria Basque Fox F
43 Bakar Basque Means alone from Basque bakarrik M
44 Bakarne Basque Feminine form of Bakren F
45 Balendin Basque Basque form of Valentinus M
46 Balere Basque Strong. F
47 Barkarna Basque Lonely. F
48 Barkarne Basque Lonely. F
49 Benat Basque Bear. M
50 Berezi Basque special in Basque F
51 Bidane Basque Way in Basque F
52 Bihotz Basque heart in Basque F
53 Bikendi Basque Basque form of Vincent M
54 Bingen Basque Conquers. M
55 Bittor Basque Conquers. M
56 Bixenta Basque Victory. F
57 Catalin Basque Form of Katherine. F
58 Danel Basque Basque form of Daniel. M
59 Danele Basque Feminine form of Danel. F
60 Deunoro Basque All saints. M
61 Dunixi Basque Basque form of Dionysus god of wine. M
62 Edere Basque Means handsome beautiful in Basque M
63 Ederne Basque Feminine variant of Eder F
64 Edorta Basque Basque form of Edward. M
65 Edrigu Basque Basque form of Richard. M
66 Edur Basque Wine. M
67 Edurne Basque Snow. F
68 Eguskina Basque Sunshine. F
69 Eguskine Basque Sunshine. F
70 Eguzki Basque Means sun in Basque M
71 Eguzkine Basque Feminine form of Eguzki. F
72 Ehdika Basque Basque form of Henry M
73 Eidere Basque Feminine form of Edere F
74 Ekain Basque Means June the month in Basque. M
75 Ekaitz Basque Means storm in Basque M
76 Elazar Basque Help of God. M
77 Elixabete Basque Basque form of Elizabeth F
78 Eneko Basque whose name is usually rendered as lnigo M
79 Erlantz Basque Means glow shine in Basque M
80 Erlea Basque bee in Basque F
81 Erromon Basque From Rome. M
82 Eskarne Basque mercy in Basque F
83 Estebe Basque Basque form of Stephen M
84 Esti Basque Sweet honey from Basque Ezti F
85 Estine Basque Variant of Esti F
86 Etor Basque Steadfast. M
87 Eukene Basque Basque form of Eugenia F
88 Euria Basque Rain in Basque F
89 Eztebe Basque Basque form of Stefen M
90 Fermin Basque Basque form of Firmin M
91 Fermintoxo Basque Basque diminutive of Firmin M
92 Frantziska Basque Basque feminine form of Franciscus F
93 Frantzisko Basque Basque form of Franciscus (see FRANCIS). M
94 Gabirel Basque Basque form of Gabriel. M
95 Gaizka Basque Savior. M
96 Ganix Basque Basque variant form of John M
97 Garaile Basque Means victor in Basque. M
98 Garaitz Basque Victory. F
99 Garbi Basque Clean, Pure in Basque. M
100 Gardene Basque Transparent, Cear in Basque. F
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